What God Says Can Have a Powerful Positive Effect On Your Life

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Dear lord, I come before you with a heart filled with gratitude for all you’ve done in my life. Thank you for my wonderful family. Thank you for their precious gifts from you. Thank you for keeping them in safety. Lord, I present my home before you with the recent happenings. I have no doubts that the devil was interested in pulling down my family. I am aware of all to see each of discord, sudden loss, discouragement and terminal ailments he’s thrown at us, but I’m comforted by your word and limitations. Three thirty, seven, who can speak and have it happen if the vote is not decreed. I stand on the authority in the name of jesus and I asked that every spirit that, in tagging, knights of the holy spirit in my home be expelled right now, listen to me satan.

You have no legal grounds for your demonic operation. In my home, you weren’t welcome in our mitch. I command you in the name that is above every other name to get out. Alongside all your bags, I said we’re all known and unknown and sexual ties with, and I decreed that ask for me and my household we are signs in one lord. They speak against every physical manifestation of unseen spirits. Of my anger. Bitterness, strife in the humidity hear the word of the lord. You are not recognized in this place, and so I curse you to your whoops. My family does not belong, but to the lord precious holy spirit to the living god. I welcome you to my own.

I ask you to come and dwell in this band. Let the joy, peace and genuine love that the your presence we are locked now and for ever lead us on the path of righteousness for your namesake bother. I speak to your blessings over our lives where men say, there’s a casting down. We should say where there a lifting up. My home is healed, restored and refund the roof of the devil. In the name of jesus, the lord and reunite us and low, we should not be separated, think you’ve in jesus name.

Pray amen if like this post. If you believe this message contains something that could change your life, please don’t ignore it share it with your friends and family. Amen

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