How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts On The Same Phone

If you want to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile phone 2022 (Android / Apple iPhone – IOS), One for to attend your work and another to communicate with your friends and family, with these simple steps you will be able to do that. Here in this post i am gonna share with you full details about How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Phone in 2022.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging app worldwide, because with it you can not only talk to with people close to you, but you can also use it in your business to serve customers or even for work issues of the company in which you work.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to use same WhatsApp account for work and for your family and friends. For this reason, it is very important to have two different accounts where you can attend your personal matters and, on the other, your work.

But officially you can only use one WhatsApp application and use one account per phone, But there is another way to use two WhatsApp accounts on your phone. Just follow our simple guide.

So Here’s The Simple Guide About How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts On The Same Phone 2022

Dual-SIM (Android Smartphone)

One of the easiest way to use two WhatsApp accounts on a single mobile phone is to have a smartphone with Multi SIM or Dual SIM, with which you can use two SIM cards with different numbers. With this, you can assign a number for work use and another for personal use.

Currently, many smartphones already have Dual SIM feature, and to use this function you just need to go to the mobile Settings option and select the part that says Advanced settings, among the options will appear one that says Dual Messenger.

Afterward, enable the WhatsApp app to appear on your home screen. When it is enabled, not only one icon will appear, but two, since one of the WhatsApp applications will be secondary and to identify it, it will have a small mark that will differentiate it from the other.

This copy of WhatsApp works independently of the original, so now all that remains is to assign a number to each of the apps so that you already have two different accounts.

Parallel Space

If you don’t have Dual SIM, then we recommend you install the Parallel Space application which will allow you to clone WhatsApp to have two different accounts on the same phone.

To install it, you just have to search the application store for the name of this application. It is available for Android and iOS, and it is also very easy to use. Once it is installed, you only have to select the applications that you want to duplicate, in this case it will be WhatsApp.

When you select the app, it will be duplicated, you just have to register with a new phone number and voila, you will have two WhatsApp accounts available on your cell phone.

Dual Accounts Multi Space (IOS)

This is another application that will allow you to clone your applications like android, however, it is only available for smartphones with iOS operating system. To do this, go to the App Store download the application.

Later, when entering, it asks you to choose the application you want to duplicate, choose WhatsApp and voila, you will have two applications on your smartphone. Now you will have to enter a different number to the new app to have a different account.

And that’s it, now just take care to give your number correctly so that work messages only reach that account and personal messages to the other.

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