Buzz Lightyear Movie Review 2022

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Buzz Lightyear Movie Review 2022 –  If you are looking for Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Movie Review 2022 then you are at the right place here in this post i will review Buzz Lightyear Movie 2022 and tell you how i feel about this movie. Buzz Lightyear Movie 2022 released in theaters on June 17, 2022 and directed by Angus MacLane. You can now watch Buzz Lightyear movie from toy story on theaters, online on Disney+ or rent this movie on Amazon Prize.

Buzz Lightyear Movie 2022 Review

Hello my readers hope you are doing great, I just got done watching. Pixar is light year and with light year we’re getting the movie that andy first saw that made him want to go out and buy the buzz lightyear Toy we’ve grown to love in toys, story, bring to life the origin story of buzz lightyear himself and that’s all pretty much like any spoilers. Do you guys? This is a spoiler free review? Now I remember a couple of years back when disney in announced they would be making a solo buzz lightyear 2022 movie titled light year and my head exploded. I was so down for the idea and not only because I love toy story, but I grew up watching that animated buzz lightyear movie. Your show and I have so many fond memories of that. So I thought it was a brilliant idea to go ahead and actually do that in pixar animated form, even if, if it wouldn’t be an exact translation from that animated series, we were watching. So it was quickly one of my most anticipated movies of the year and now having walked out of it. I adore this little movie. I think there’s going to be a lot to love all around for light year on a toy story side of things.

This movie has like so many easter eggs to that franchise, stuff that we would see bud light your say in the toy story series that is not put kind of into contact with his solo movie. I was surprised how many times throughout the movie I’d be like. Oh my god, I remember that, but also like you’re in a way is kind of a no mars to like these. Seventy eighty psi phi movies, there’s a lot in here where they poke fun at stuff like star trek and especially star wars.

I cannot tell you how many shots in this. We feel like recreating scenes from the star wars franchise, but even with those on mars and them trying to recreate stuff like that, like you’re, very much feels like it’s own psi phi world. That is where I want to give huge props to director angus maclean. I watch this like thirty minute documentary on disney plus, where they talk about the making of this movie, and it was kind of interesting to find out that the director of the film was actually someone who’s been animating buzz lightyear.

All the way to the very first toy story movie. In fact they say the documentary everytime other animators would be animating buzz lightyear. They would go to this animator and be like hey what would like you’re doing the situation? What would his facial expression looked like? What would his hand movements be because he was like the go to guy for animating buzz and now it’s kind of cool that all these years later, an animator was handed the keys to direct the bud, light your solo movie, and I think it’s because they got someone who was literally there buzz since he was created that they use c just so much attention to detail in this film like really take a second when you’re watching light year and look at the world they built.

Look at the gadgets all the little nicks and crannies in his sued, the way the tech works. I was watching this movie before the documentary going like mad and they really paid a lot of attention to the detail in here and not only makes the film that much more immersive, but it’s also just an achievement, because I think nowadays it’s hard to be creative with your psi phi technology. A lot of these psi phi movies feel the same. We’re like they have the same tech to show off now when it comes to buzz lightyear himself, chris evans knocks it out of the park. Okay, I know there was people little upset, that they didn’t bring back tim allen and don’t get me wrong. I think tim allen is great as the voice of buzz lightyear, but I was totally fine and understanding with them getting someone different, as this would be a different characterization of the character of boo woods and just really like three minutes into the movie hearing chris evans’s version of buzz lightyear.

You honestly not even realise or be thinking about this, isn’t tim allen’s voice? Isn’t the bud light? Your that’s familiar to me, another character that stood out to me through this movie that I was honestly shocked by what socks the cat. I was seeing so much love and praise for socks, the cat out of people who have already seen this movie and everytime. I saw that praise and hype and love for the character. I just remember thinking you know in the trailers that was like the only annoying part to me. It just seemed like an obvious comedic relief that I wasn’t gonna love that much in the movie, but now I’ve seen the film and yo team sucks all the way. This little fricking cat steals.

The show is so funny I will and from not giving a crap about this cat before the movie to now, as I’m watching it going socks, the cat better, not die man, I will lose my lead other thing here with light year that I think some people might be taken aback by is the way the story plays out cause.

Have you seen the trailers you know bud while you’re kind of has a little bit of a time jump? He ends up becoming a man out of time, not recognizing the world he’s in and that trailers give it off one way and then in the movie it plays out completely different and it’s kind of much better. It becomes such a tragic part of the bud, light your story and his honestly so heartbreaking to see it some of those classic pixar isms that just pull at your heartstrings and, I think, always work well with this company, because there are a little bit of darker tones in here and I’m not going so dark that you can’t take your kids to, but it’s just the stuff.

I love to see in a pixar movie the dilemma that buzz layer goes through from the beginning of the movie to the end, where he’s going through this character, growth and he’s finding himself. All of that I found so profound and I was completely invested in cause.

The movie does take some twists and turns a lot of us think we, no the buzz lightyear, lore based off what we’ve seen on toy story and the little hints that they’ve given us. I’m just going to tell you right now, whatever you have in mind from that star command animated series, or even what toy story has given us enhanced, I think it’s better.

If you just erase all that out of your mind, don’t hold it too tightly and get ready for some new lore cause. I could see some people being kind of upset or disappointed with the twist and turns this movie takes and the way they establish this version of buzz and how his character needed to grow.

I really ended up liking the way the story went, and I think it would have been so easy to just tell us a random space mission where there is already a crew of a hundred different space rangers. We just follow buses, exact team and go from there.

And it’s not really that at all. Oh, so it sucks that I have to bring this up in a movie, but I know there’s people who care and want to know about it. Yes, you probably have been seen the headlines that there’s a same sex kiss in light year, I’m a person who hopes that we get to a point one day where we don’t need to make headlines out of that, and it just becomes a normal thing that we don’t have to be like. Oh no, this is a kids’ movie, I’m not taking my children, the film handles it so tastefully and natural that I didn’t see any kid. In my public screening of light year ago, mom was like that’s. What some people honestly think is gonna happen in the parents are going to be like a? How do I explain this to my child? I don’t know, know the scene happen a fit into the movie. It didn’t feel forced, but with baton outset I do want to get in some things that I’m kind of mixed to negative on for one as the movie was going on.

I started to notice things that weren’t really particular are known for in the pixar world, and what I mean by this is that this film very much felt like it was being built like a franchise. Now I know pixar does seek in the past, but I never really got the feeling, while watching one of their pixar movies, that they were setting things up for another fill it with light year. I picked it up so many times throughout this movie that I’m like yeah. You can tell that something they’re going to upgrade to on the next movie or you can tell that something that will be a big thing in the next film and without any spoilers. This movie has three three post credits scenes when that happens early on in the credits and then to at the very end, it’s gonna feel like I’m lying to you, but there are two at the very end, and this is why I’m saying I’m kind of mixed on this, because I’m not against more. Like your movies, okay, I actually want a lot more of these films, because this world is awesome. It was so amazing those last like twenty minutes of this move be and seeing Buzz Lightyear. Your sweat get bruises start bleeding things that we never saw with. The toy version of bus cause. He’s a toy for men, are the visuals and assume just so breathtaking like it is one of the most beautiful pixar movies ever made.

I highly recommend watching it (Buzz Lightyear Movie 2022). I’m actually like the biggest screen you can, but it was because of them trying to up this whole franchise or a sequel that the finale kind of felt a little rushed like it. Just kind of ended. It felt like there could have been a little bit more of a satisfying climax or there was more to the story to be told, but it’s not until you get to the postscript that you’re, like oh okay, so they’re trying to do a sequel here and they’ll explain more than I also think the sequel kind of be the thing people want it out out of this movie, because while some people might have hoped that this would have been like a space ranger mission, with buzz in the sue and other comrades of the same abilities working together, that’s something that looks more like they’re going to do for the next movie.

While this one was more setting up, why buzz is buzz. But again that was like my only gripe with the movie. Usually pixar is very good at their stand alone. Once story when this was the first time I was like oh they’re, clearly setting up something more so for light year, I’m going to give action three and a half stars. There isn’t really that much action until the ending of the movie, where you get to that big battle, was to the movies very story and character driven, but none the less. When those actions things do happen. They look amazing comedy in the movie. I’m gonna give it three and a half stars.

That is because of socks. I just found that cat absolutely funny hilarious, likeable loveable, picked started again and I’m gonna buy me some socks, much drama in the movie, I’m gonna give it four stars picks knows how to tell a story, but this specific one character, driven with buzz lightyear and the dilemma in growth. He goes through in this movie. I just really connected to. I didn’t see it all where they were going to take this story and then once you started to unravel was like man.

This is really interesting. Part of the movie, I’m a given no starts to it’s pixar movie, family friendly, there’s, dark themes in here, but nothing really visually horrifying and suspense movie. I’m gonna give it three stars towards the end of the movie. You do feel a lot more suspense when the mission has come to it’s like big climax, but again the finale is just kind. If so short, you don’t really get to have that much suspense in those moments. Schedule fans, I’m gonna, give it an a plus of files, I’m going to give it an a minus and critically I’m going to give it a b plus for light year. I think this is for sure one you add to your collection at home at your keeper. I really am going to be curious to hear your guys’ reaction a light year cause some of those story points.

I can see fans getting kind of not upset, but going a little like. Oh this, this isn’t what I expected. I don’t think this is the movie. I wanted to see it’s very much about Buzz Lightyear movie and his growth and I think a lot of stuff you’ll want to see they’re going to try to do in a sequel, don’t be.

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